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We are the leading company in Northern Ireland to offer FPV drone filming services. We specialise in fly-throughs, cinematic flying and heavy-lift.  Our small cinewhoop drones and custom-built quadcopters are ideal for every kind of job, from slow crawls through tight spaces to 100mph freestyle flights for high-paced shoots. This is a new, unique method of filming that allows you to achieve angles never previously possible with ground-based setups.



Using our small and light cinewhoop drones, we are able to fly through buildings and tight spaces, creating dynamic and highly engaging shots. This particular type of tour/flythrough video is becoming increasingly popular now as it allows you to showcase an entire space in just one take and achieve angles that ground-based cameras could never reach, all whilst being highly engaging.



Gain a new perspective with FPV drones which allow for more dynamic manoeuvers that traditional drones aren't capable of, creating highly engaging shots and allowing for total creative freedom with the speed and agility these drones provide. Our 5 & 7 inch quads can reach up to 100mph and carry cameras capable of recording:

  • 5K 60fps at 100mbps

  • 4K 120fps at 120mbps

  • 2.7K at 240fps at 100mbps



'Cinelifters' are the industry name for heavy-lift FPV drones - aircraft which can lift a payload of up to around 3kg. This means our heavy-lift drones can carry a RED Komodo, BMPCC 6K, FX6 or most Mirrorless camera you'd like (no IBIS)

Cinelifters allow you to match the cameras in a large production or film set whilst maintaining the flight characteristics of FPV drones. We have heavy-lift platforms made for every environment - through tight spaces or for outdoor pursuits at speed.


Client: Spar NI

Project: Fly-Through of new store 'Twin Spires'.

Spar NI - FPV Fly Through

Spar NI - FPV Fly Through

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Client: Dougan Contracts

Project: Fly-Through of company workshop.

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